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A Cute Thanksgiving Gift!

21 Nov

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I really love this holiday….such a beautiful time to reflect on the many blessings in our lives. I have so much to be thankful for, but the things I’m most grateful for is my family, good health, and Savior. What are you thankful for?

We read this book, The Perfect Thanksgiving. It’s a cute book about comparing 2 different family’s Thanksgiving and in the end realizing that as long as families love each other, it’s a perfect Thanksgiving at everyone’s house. 

We are headed up north to visit my grandma. As a thank you for her hospitality, I wanted to give her something. She loves homemade items and I thought Troy would love giving her something he made, so we came up with this craft. First, we painted some sheets of card stock. It was fun for him since he could be messy and it didn’t matter. Then we traced his hand and Wesley’s hand. So cute to see their adorable little hands! Then I cut out their hands and added eyes, beak and turkey gobbler. Next, I typed out this poem and added the little “turkeys” to the bottom. Here’s how it turned out! To get the PDF copy of the poem, click on ThanksgivingThankYou. This will be fun for my grandma to look at…in fact I think I want to make another one so I can remember those adorable little hands in a few years!

In other news, I’m SO excited to share that I’ll be attending the BEECH blogging retreat I talked about in Monday’s post. I didn’t win the giveaway, but they still had space for me, so I signed up! I am excited to learn more about blogging! 

And finally, I want to announce that I’ll be doing my first giveaway to my amazing readers starting Monday!! Make sure you stop by Monday to see this great giveaway!!

I’m so thankful for all of you. Have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!

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The MOST colorful turkey!

15 Nov

We have so much to be thankful for! I love Thanksgiving…a time to reflect on all the wonderful blessings in our life. With Thanksgiving being just 1 week away, I have been talking to Troy about what it means to be thankful. Kind of a hard concept to get initially, but he’s getting it. He came up with a LONG list of things he’s thankful for.  On the list were the obvious ones…God, Dad, Wes, every other family member, then there were funny ones like storms, trees, tv, Thomas, and his bike. So cute to hear the mind of an almost 3 year old. We made a turkey craft today to show our top 4 things he’s thankful for.

First, he took a card stock piece of paper and used paint dot markers to make dots all over the page. Then, I found a turkey silhouette picture online and traced it onto the paper and cut it out. And lastly, we added some feathers. I took some extra felt we had and cut them into the shape of feathers. Then I wrote his top 4 things he is thankful for. This little project will be fun to look at and remind us all that we are thankful for. What are you thankful for? Have a great day!

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