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Tommy the Triangle

20 Nov

We’re ending our lessons on the letter ‘T’ this week. But before we end, I wanted to do a lesson shapes, mainly triangles since it starts with ‘T’!

We read one of my favorite shapes book. The Greedy Triangle is about a triangle who is tired and bored of being a triangle, so he goes to the shapeshifter and changes into all sorts of shapes. In the end, he decides being a triangle is the best. The language in this book is too hard for a 3 year old to understand, so I retold the story to him in my own words so he could understand. Still, he could understand the concept and it introduced him to a triangle and other shapes.

Then we made Tommy the Triangle!! Here’s what you’ll need:

*a large triangle shape

*googly eyes

*other cut out shapes for a face


So to start, I gave him these shapes and had him put together Tommy the Triangle. 

And here he is!

Do any of you have fun lessons for teaching shapes?

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