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Tommy the Triangle

20 Nov

We’re ending our lessons on the letter ‘T’ this week. But before we end, I wanted to do a lesson shapes, mainly triangles since it starts with ‘T’!

We read one of my favorite shapes book. The Greedy Triangle is about a triangle who is tired and bored of being a triangle, so he goes to the shapeshifter and changes into all sorts of shapes. In the end, he decides being a triangle is the best. The language in this book is too hard for a 3 year old to understand, so I retold the story to him in my own words so he could understand. Still, he could understand the concept and it introduced him to a triangle and other shapes.

Then we made Tommy the Triangle!! Here’s what you’ll need:

*a large triangle shape

*googly eyes

*other cut out shapes for a face


So to start, I gave him these shapes and had him put together Tommy the Triangle. 

And here he is!

Do any of you have fun lessons for teaching shapes?


Pre-K Math

14 Nov



Today’s focus was on preschool math. We’re working on Troy mastering one-to-one correspondence. What that means is the ability to match numbers to objects or objects to numbers. Once a child can count, they can move on from rote memorization to understanding a one-to-one correspondence with something fun to count. We did two activities today to work on this.

The first activity was taking the train pictures from Monday’s post and I added numbers to one set and dots to the other set. Troy’s goal was to match the train with dots to the train with the correct corresponding number. He did very well at this and really had no problems. The next step will be for him to recognize the dot patterns without having to physically count each one of them.

The next activity involved objects. He matched puff balls to the corresponding number. We also worked on using the same color for the number.

As you can see above, these sheets are from this site.

These are just a few ideas on how to work on one-to-one correspondence. I’m sure we’ll be working on it more!

Halloween Candy Sorting

31 Oct

If you’re looking for something to do with ALL that candy from Halloween, check out this fun, educational sorting activity!

There are many ways you can sort out the candy, but we just tried two ways. The first way was sorting it by BIG and little pieces.

There was some discrepancy because some were neither big or little, so we started a pile in the middle for medium sized pieces.

Next, we sorted by wrapper color. I taped the color names to the table. We practiced saying the color names and he was proud because he was “reading”. He got a little confused with “white” since it wasn’t actually white, but he caught on quickly.

He was very proud of his work and took this job seriously! I was pleasantly surprised at his concentration and how focused he was for this. It took him a little while, but he was determined to get them all sorted.

And finally, we got them ALL lined up. We also talked about which one had the most. We thought red, yellow and black had the most, so we counted them to see. It ended up being red.

If you’d like a PDF copy of the words we used for this sorting activity, click here.

Now I’m off to hide all this candy so we don’t eat it all this week!! Happy Halloween!!

Apple Sorting & Graphing

22 Sep

Today’s activity was sorting and graphing apples.

Don’t those apples look delicious?!

 I got out this mat and with chalk drew the three shapes.

Then I gave Troy the invitation to play with the apples and do whatever he’d like with them.

I was interested to see what he would do.

 He did what I thought he would do. He sorted them so each shape had 1 color of apple.

I thought he would sort all of the apples, but he wanted to line them up on the line instead.

 He did sort them by color (mostly) on the line.

 So proud of his work 🙂


 Then we did some graphing.

I just took an old poster from my classroom (that was laminated)

and with a dry erase marker, made lines for the graph.

Then I made pictures of the apples at the bottom.

I helped him start the first one for each column and he did the rest.

 Since he likes to line things up, this was fun for him!

And then he could see that the green apples had the most and red had the least.


 And we made a ‘T’ for Troy 🙂


So fun to incorporate math into our everyday life and have fun doing it!

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