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Letter ‘C’ Alphabet Box

28 Nov



Happy Wednesday everyone!! Just a reminder that my giveaway ends tonight! So, if you haven’t already, please enter the contest by going to Monday’s post and clicking on the Rafflecopter link at the bottom. If you are on my Facebook page, you can also enter there under the picture “Giveaway.” Thanks everyone for your support…you are the best!

If you are new to Teaching Mama, you might be wondering what an Alphabet Box is. Basically, it is a box filled with items that start with the letter we’re working on. I just gather items around the house and fill them in the box. I add an uppercase and lowercase letter to the box. Some of you have asked how I get my letters and these are just letters I have from my classroom back from my teaching days. You don’t have to have really nice letters, you can even just write them. It just helps them visualize the letter and then associate the letter with the items. So, after Troy opens the box, he pulls out the items and we talk about them and the sounds he hears.┬áHe acts like Christmas morning when we have a new box on his desk. Hope the thrill continues!

Alright, so we are now on the letter ‘C’. See the Preschool page if you want to see the other letters we’ve worked on.

We also made the letter ‘C’ into a candy cane. I printed the letter ‘C’, cut up pieces of felt (red and white) and had him glue them in pattern on the letter. This was good for him to work on patterns.And after the glue dried, I cut around the letter and here’s how it looks!

We’ll be adding it to our alphabet book. If you want to learn how to make an alphabet look at this post.

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!!

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