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Letter ‘C’ Alphabet Box

28 Nov



Happy Wednesday everyone!! Just a reminder that my giveaway ends tonight! So, if you haven’t already, please enter the contest by going to Monday’s post and clicking on the Rafflecopter link at the bottom. If you are on my Facebook page, you can also enter there under the picture “Giveaway.” Thanks everyone for your support…you are the best!

If you are new to Teaching Mama, you might be wondering what an Alphabet Box is. Basically, it is a box filled with items that start with the letter we’re working on. I just gather items around the house and fill them in the box. I add an uppercase and lowercase letter to the box. Some of you have asked how I get my letters and these are just letters I have from my classroom back from my teaching days. You don’t have to have really nice letters, you can even just write them. It just helps them visualize the letter and then associate the letter with the items. So, after Troy opens the box, he pulls out the items and we talk about them and the sounds he hears. He acts like Christmas morning when we have a new box on his desk. Hope the thrill continues!

Alright, so we are now on the letter ‘C’. See the Preschool page if you want to see the other letters we’ve worked on.

We also made the letter ‘C’ into a candy cane. I printed the letter ‘C’, cut up pieces of felt (red and white) and had him glue them in pattern on the letter. This was good for him to work on patterns.And after the glue dried, I cut around the letter and here’s how it looks!

We’ll be adding it to our alphabet book. If you want to learn how to make an alphabet look at this post.

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!!


Letter ‘T’ Alphabet Box & Train Coloring Book!

12 Nov

Oh I’m so happy to be blogging again! Last week was a crazy week! My husband was out of town for the past 7 days and I had a conference that I planned for my part-time job….I am SO glad that week is over! How are you all? Sure hope you had a great weekend!

In my last post, I showed you our Birthday Sensory Tub. Since Troy’s bday is coming up as well as Thanksgiving, we are focusing on the letter ‘T’. To start off, I introduced our ‘T’ alphabet box to him. 

Inside the alphabet box, there’s a train coloring book. To practice our colors, I made this small book for him to color. Each page says a different color, which is the color he will make the train. To download a copy of this coloring book, click ColorTrains. And to download a bigger copy, click ColorTrainsBig.

His favorite color of the day….pink! This little train book will be fun for him to look through to review his colors.

This little guy is obsessed with trains, which is why we are doing so many train activities!

Learning how to write the letter ‘T’. Got these printables here. This was a fun way to learn how to write the letters, since he basically made lines to each picture.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll be blogging all this week, so make sure to check back tomorrow! Happy Monday!

Learnin’ About the Letter ‘H’

30 Oct

A little while back, I showed you this post about our letter ‘H’ alphabet box. We haven’t done much with learning about ‘H’, so today we did some activities with that. First, to add some sensory play in, we took our fake spiders and lined them up inside the letter ‘H’.

Of course he had fun with this!

Next, we learned how to write the letter. Now, I know this probably went over his head, but it’s a start. We took a crayon and traced inside the letter. We also said “Down, Across, Down” to help him remember the correct to write ‘H’. We did this many times, which is why there are so many colors!

Lastly, we used shapes to make a house! I cut up some shapes for windows, a door, chimney and roof and let him glue away! This is what he came up with (well, with some help)! We also talked about how house starts with ‘h’ and came up with other words that also start with ‘h’.

I love watching him learn and grow. It’s neat to see him catch on to new concepts!

Have a great Tuesday!!

Letter ‘H’ Alphabet Box & Halloween Sensory Tub

17 Oct

It’s the time of year when everything gets a little bit more spooky…well not so much yet for my little ones, but in stores everywhere we are seeing ghosts, goblins and villians. I like to make Halloween more of a fun celebration and not so gory, especially for my little boys. So, we’re going to learn about the letter ‘H’ and play with our Halloween sensory tub.

I couldn’t find a ton of things around the house for the letter ‘H’ but this will work and still be good for discussion. You can use whatever you can find for these alphabet boxes.

Now for the fun part…according to Troy and Wes who LOVE sensory tubs!! Here’s our Halloween sensory tub!

Here’s what is including in this tub:

*black beans

*white beans

*jack-o-lantern erasers (Target)

*plastic bats (Dollar Store)

*plastic insects (from my dad)

I didn’t want to go overboard and add too much or add anything too scary. The textures in this tub are fun and the boys love it!

Wes likes to climb in the tub! This time I split the sensory tub into two tubs because we were having problems sharing 🙂

Try this sensory tub out with your kids…they will love it!

Letter ‘P’ Alphabet Box & Sensory Tub

22 Sep

This week we’re learning about the letter ‘P’.

Here’s the alphabet I used to introduce the letter. There are a lot of words that

start with ‘p’ so this was an easy box to create! You can just find any items

around the house to add to an alphabet box.

When we look through it together, we discuss the sound ‘p’ has and that

each one of these items starts with ‘p’.

Here’s the sensory tub I introduced. It’s our pumpkin sensory tub!

It includes dry pinto beans, candy pumpkins, pumpkin erasers (Target), Letter ‘P’, and Tractors

Both boys really loved playing in it. The beans were fun for the boys to feel and play with.

For those of you wondering what a sensory tub is, it’s basically a tool for children to learn about the world around them using their sense of touch by exploring different textures.

 And they played with it after nap time (which is why they are without pants!)

Troy’s favorite activity was piling the jack-o-laterns on the trailer.

Letter ‘A’ Alphabet Box & Sensory Tub

20 Sep

Alphabet Boxes are a great way to introduce letters of the alphabet to your child. Here’s an example of an alphabet box of the letter ‘A’.

To introduce an alphabet box, all you do is find items around the house that start with that letter and put it in a box.

Then have the child explore the box while pointing out that each item starts with the same letter. Also, make sure to share the sound of that letter.

Sensory Tubs are great for the little ones. It helps them explore the world using their sense of touch. I love to let my little ones play on their own without much direction to use their imagination.

This sensory tub has the following:

*Dry Oatmeal

*Acorns (some real, some fake)

*Fake small apples

*Apple number cards (I printed these and wrote numbers on them)

*Letter ‘A’s

My 2 year old chose to bury everything and then wanted to dig it back up. My 1 year old just like the feel of it.

This can get messy, so I recommend playing with this outside or under a blanket.


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