Superhero Masks

16 Nov

Troy is REALLY into superheroes right now…thanks to his dad! 🙂

Tomorrow we’re celebrating his birthday and I made these fun superhero masks for the party! We’ve also had fun playing superheroes around the house.I can’t take any credit for these masks, so if you want a tutorial, check out this gal’s blog.  It was pretty easy for a beginner sewer like me. It has been awhile since I’ve gotten my sewing machine out and I forgot that I actually do like doing sewing projects…well easy ones, that is! 

This is Troy’s Hulk face…he is off to fight the bad guys with a toothbrush!

And just in case you wondered where this little guy is, he is off reading books! Seriously, he reads this DOG book twenty times a day. He did play superheroes with us, he is just too quick for pictures!

Have a beautiful weekend!


One Response to “Superhero Masks”

  1. Alison November 17, 2012 at 9:11 #

    Wow!!! These are amazing! You did such a great job. Troy looks adorable in them!! Hope he has a great party!

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