Pre-K Math

14 Nov



Today’s focus was on preschool math. We’re working on Troy mastering one-to-one correspondence. What that means is the ability to match numbers to objects or objects to numbers. Once a child can count, they can move on from rote memorization to understanding a one-to-one correspondence with something fun to count. We did two activities today to work on this.

The first activity was taking the train pictures from Monday’s post and I added numbers to one set and dots to the other set. Troy’s goal was to match the train with dots to the train with the correct corresponding number. He did very well at this and really had no problems. The next step will be for him to recognize the dot patterns without having to physically count each one of them.

The next activity involved objects. He matched puff balls to the corresponding number. We also worked on using the same color for the number.

As you can see above, these sheets are from this site.

These are just a few ideas on how to work on one-to-one correspondence. I’m sure we’ll be working on it more!


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