Learnin’ About the Letter ‘H’

30 Oct

A little while back, I showed you this post about our letter ‘H’ alphabet box. We haven’t done much with learning about ‘H’, so today we did some activities with that. First, to add some sensory play in, we took our fake spiders and lined them up inside the letter ‘H’.

Of course he had fun with this!

Next, we learned how to write the letter. Now, I know this probably went over his head, but it’s a start. We took a crayon and traced inside the letter. We also said “Down, Across, Down” to help him remember the correct to write ‘H’. We did this many times, which is why there are so many colors!

Lastly, we used shapes to make a house! I cut up some shapes for windows, a door, chimney and roof and let him glue away! This is what he came up with (well, with some help)! We also talked about how house starts with ‘h’ and came up with other words that also start with ‘h’.

I love watching him learn and grow. It’s neat to see him catch on to new concepts!

Have a great Tuesday!!


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