Surprise Pumpkin Story!

22 Oct

Okay, this will really WOW your child. I admit, I did not come up with this on my own, but followed pretty closely to what this blog did. First of all, I firmly believe ALL children love hearing stories. In fact, I think everyone enjoys a good story. This activity helps your child practice their language and listening skills. In this activity, you’ll be telling a story to your child, while cutting out a surprise pumpkin. I do suggest practicing this story before telling it to your child. 🙂

Start with a orange colored piece of paper and fold it in half. Keep the folded part on the bottom. Then cut it out so it looks like this. (It’s supposed to resemble a giant piece of cheese.) Share this story with them: Once upon a time, there was this little tiny mouse. He was scurrying about in the forest when he found this GIANT piece of cheese! He thought he was in cheese heaven!! This cheese would make a great clubhouse, so he decided to nibble a door. While nibbling, he thought the cheese tasted a little funny. (Now cut out a little door.)

When the mouse finished the door he stepped back and saw how perfect it was. However, he remembered his best friend, the rabbit, wouldn’t be able to fit in the door, so he decided to nibble a BIGGER door. He nibbled and chewed, nibbled and chewed. While nibbling, he thought the cheese tasted a little funny. (Cut out a larger door for the rabbit.)

Now he had a perfect door for his friend, the rabbit. The mouse climbed inside the clubhouse but soon realized there was another problem. It was too dark! So, he decided to make a window. (Poke your scissors through and cut a circle shape.)

He nibbled and chewed a perfect sized window for the clubhouse. He still thought this cheese tasted a little funny. Finally, the clubhouse was ready! But when the mouse stepped back to look at his clubhouse, he realized it wasn’t a big piece of cheese…it was (unfold the pumpkin) a Halloween pumpkin! 

Troy was amazed at this! We did it 3 more times and he retold the story as I cut. It was a good activity for listening and comprehension. When I asked him if he like the story, he said “I loved it so much!”

Happy Monday to you all!


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