A Simple Halloween Craft

19 Oct

Today we made a simple Halloween craft. We made little ghosts. Here’s the finished product! 

We originally tried painting fake leaves white, but it did not turn out.  You see, the paint dried funny and didn’t fully cover up the color on the leaf.

So we went to plan B. We used my Silhouette craft cutter to cut out white leaves. If you are a crafter and you don’t have a Silhouette, you need to check it out! It is so neat! If you don’t have a craft cutter, you can just find a leaf template or stencil to create these.

To create these, you just glue googly eyes to the leaf and viola, they look like cute lil’ ghosts!

Something we talked about while doing this craft was matching and sizes. You’ll see that there is a range of sizes with these googly eyes. I made him find a match for each pair of eyes, which made him search for the correct size. We talked about how some eyes were tiny, small, medium-sized, large, and huge. The word medium was a new concept to him, so it was a good teachable moment.So there you have it…a simple Halloween craft. I think we’ll add these to our window along with the leaf sun catchers. We also made some cookies for our neighbors today, which was fun and messy!

And to add a fun touch to the cookies, we put one of the leaf-ghosts on top of the plate. Troy was VERY proud of his work! Enjoy the weekend and see ya back here on Monday!


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