Leaf Lantern

16 Oct

Here’s an activity that’s a little better for older kids. My almost 3 year old enjoyed watching me do it, but most of the steps were a little too hard for him. Here’s what you’ll need:

*leaves (8-10)

*clear glass jar

*Mod Podge


*tea light

If you don’t have any Mod Podge on hand, you can make a really easy version yourself. All you do is mix one part water to one part glue in a container. Then put a lid on the container and shake til it’s all mixed up. Then you’re ready to go! MUCH cheaper and it works great!

So the next step is to take a leaf, coat it with Mod Podge and stick it on the jar. Then plaster Mod Podge all over it so the leaf will stick. You don’t want to use too much or it will just be messy. Then you repeat these steps until your jar is full of Mod Podged leaves. Let it dry. You may have to check on it several times to make sure the leaves are staying in place or recoat some Mod Podge.

Lastly, add a tea light, light it and you’ll have your leaf lantern!

Like I said earlier, I did most of this craft, but Troy loved the result and reallllly loves lighting the candle at night and watching it glow. Maybe I’ll try this craft again when he’s a bit older!


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