A Leafy Game

15 Oct

Are you looking for a way to wear out your child?? What if I told you I have a game that will wear them out AND help them learn their colors? If this interests you, then this game is for you! Here’s what you’ll need:

*leaves (3 or more different colors or kinds)


*timer (optional)

 I chose these 3 colors/shapes. I put one color in each tub and had a tub full of the 3 types of leaves.

This game involves running and it’s almost like a relay race. I put this bucket of leaves on one side of the room and on the other side were the 3 other tubs. His job was to choose one leaf, run across the room to the 3 tubs and sort it into the correct tub. Then run back and do the same thing until all the leaves were gone. He could only do one leaf at a time. We decided to use a timer it to make it fun and exciting.

Whew, Troy got a good workout in! It took him around 2 minutes each time to do it and he was running the whole time! Then Troy had this brilliant idea for me to try it (and dad). Made for a fun family event before bed.

Even little brother helped out.

Give this game a try! You don’t have to use leaves, but anything that they can sort out by color, shape, size, etc. Happy Monday!


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