A HUGE leaf & Sun Catchers

11 Oct

We’ve been going on lots of walks lately in these beautiful fall days. We have found many leaf piles to jump in and colorful leaves to collect.

As we were walking, Troy shouted out “STOP! I found something!” Indeed he did…he found the biggest leaf I have EVER seen.

And the strange thing is that I didn’t find any other leaves like that around. Good find, Troy!

Anyway, I’ll move on to the project we did the other day. We made leaf sun catchers! Here’s what you’ll need:



*wax paper

First, mix glue with paint (half glue, half paint). I didn’t have much paint left, so we used what we had. Then put it between 2 sheets of wax paper.

Place the “sandwich” on a tray and let your child squish the colors together.

Oh and look at those cute toddler hands!

Next, let it dry. I put it outside and it took several hours. This is what it will look like.

Now you cut this into leaf shapes. You can use a leaf to guide you or just cut free hand.

Last step is to hang them in a window. Don’t they look pretty?

Can’t wait to make more when we have more paint! Have a great day!!


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