Crunched-Up Leaves Project

10 Oct

I know I just posted a leaf art activity the other day, but I can’t help but post this EASY craft to do with your toddler or preschooler. Here’s what you’ll need:

*10-12 leaves (dried out)

*paper with tree template


First, you take your leaves and put them in a zip-lock bag. Then, have your toddler take out his tool box and find the hammer. Then have him smash those leaves up. You can also do this with your hands, but smashing for my 2 year old is way more fun.Image

You’ll need a picture of a bare tree. I googled “tree” image and found this one and printed it larger.


Next, you’ll need to glue on the leaf pieces to the tree or ground or wherever.

This activity was GREAT for Troy because he learned how to use the glue bottle to make globs on the page before putting the leaf on. It also taught him how to sequence and do 2 steps at a time. I let him do this mostly on his own and I was proud of him for doing such a good job!Image


 Once you’ve filled your tree, you’re done!

And this lil’ guy was sure proud of his work!


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