Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

4 Oct

One of my favorite fall books for kiddos is Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.

This is a great book explaining the life cycle of a tree. The pictures are collage and creative.

At the end of the story, it has the idea to make a treat for the birds. So we tried it out today!

You’ll need these supplies:


*bird seed

*egg white


First, you take your bread and cut it into a shape. I used a circle, but you could cut it yourself or use a cookie cutter. Also, poke a hole for the ribbon.

Next, you paint the side with egg white. Troy liked this part, but I had to help him get the whole thing coated.

Then, you sprinkle the bread with bird seed. You’ll need to press down on it so it sticks. And now you let it dry.

Thread ribbon through the bread once its dry and hang it up! Sorry I don’t have pictures of it up on the tree…someone decided to take a super long nap so we haven’t done it yet. Not that I’m complaining 🙂


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