Leaf Memory Game

1 Oct

We were so blessed to spend last Saturday at a State Park and it was the most beautiful weekend to go. The scenery was just gorgeous!

While we were there, we went on many walks and Troy rode his bike the entire day! We saw so many beautiful trees and picked up colorful leaves on the ground.

With all the leaves, I decide to make a game out of them. We have a memory game at home that Troy likes to play, but it has too many cards for a 2 year old and it can be challenging for him.

So, I decided to make a Leaf Memory Game with only 8 cards (4 matches).
After you gather your leaves, you’ll need 8 pieces of white card stock paper. To cut, I just folded the paper in half and cut, then folded it again and cut.

Next, you’ll use some glue to adhere the leaf to the paper.

Then you will take contact paper and cut out a piece and lay it over the leaf. Trim up the sides with scissors.Repeat steps with 8 cards (or more) and you’ll have your cards for the game!

To play, just place all the cards face down. One player chooses 2 cards. If they are a match, you keep the match in  a pile. If they don’t match, you flip the cards over again. The player with the most matches at the end of the game is the winner.

This is a good game for little ones. Helps them work on their memory skills!

Have a happy Monday!






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