Letter ‘P’ Alphabet Box & Sensory Tub

22 Sep

This week we’re learning about the letter ‘P’.

Here’s the alphabet I used to introduce the letter. There are a lot of words that

start with ‘p’ so this was an easy box to create! You can just find any items

around the house to add to an alphabet box.

When we look through it together, we discuss the sound ‘p’ has and that

each one of these items starts with ‘p’.

Here’s the sensory tub I introduced. It’s our pumpkin sensory tub!

It includes dry pinto beans, candy pumpkins, pumpkin erasers (Target), Letter ‘P’, and Tractors

Both boys really loved playing in it. The beans were fun for the boys to feel and play with.

For those of you wondering what a sensory tub is, it’s basically a tool for children to learn about the world around them using their sense of touch by exploring different textures.

 And they played with it after nap time (which is why they are without pants!)

Troy’s favorite activity was piling the jack-o-laterns on the trailer.


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