Exploring Pumpkins

22 Sep

 Troy’s been wondering what is inside a pumpkin,

so we decided to check it out!

I got these sweet little pumpkins at Dahls for $1.

  We thought it would be easy to cut open a little pumpkin….WRONG!

I started using a knife and these pumpkin carving tools. 

I got these for like 30 cents last year after Halloween at Target. 

So, after the knife didn’t really work, I used a hammer, screwdriver, and eventually a saw! 

It was one tough pumpkin. And Troy used his tools as well 🙂

 Inside we saw tons of seeds. We had fun getting them out.

 Troy spent about an hour “drilling” and using his other tools on the pumpkin.

It was a fun activity and Troy really used his imagination.

After getting all the seeds out, I roasted them. 

I also made pumpkin puree out of the pumpkin flesh and made pumpkin pancakes later! Yum!

Stay tuned next week to see what we did with all those pumpkin seeds!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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