Apple Painting

22 Sep

Today we painted with apples using finger paint!

I cut 2 apples and we used the halve to stamp and paint.

Before painting, we talked about the parts of the apple.

 Troy had fun, but the apples were a little bit slippery for his little hands.

I would say he is a little young for this activity, but it was still fun.

 Then we just started painting with our hands.

 When little brother woke up, he joined in the fun. He was really into it.

 At the end, Wes decided to climb on the table…he was only up there for a few seconds.

Troy was trying to get him down, as you can see by the handprints on his back! 🙂

 After the paint dried, we cut out the letter ‘A’ out of one of his paintings.

And here’s a list of books we are reading on apples this week.

 A very cute book with good illustrations!


This book is long and a little challenging for toddlers, but full of good information.


  A good, short book for toddlers!


 Nice, short book about the seasons and great illustrations.


Good book for toddlers with short sentences.


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